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[Follow-up] Busy and “No” Quickness @ Star Bazaar Pune

Posted on Jun 19, 2012 in General | 0 comments

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After I wrote on Lazy Quick Queues of Star Bazaar, I never thought I would see a complete turn around and that too within a week of my post. I mentioned them on their twitter handle so they might have read the story too, although they never bothered to reply back.

Anyways, I visited Star Bazaar at Phoenix Market city mall in Pune today and what I saw was simply superb and pretty close to the their “Quick Queue – The Green Line Revolution“ commitment.

It was crowded as always and when we reached to the billing counter, I noticed pretty small queues and a guy (probably a quick queue expert) was guiding people to stand in the shortest available queue. Bingooo, this is something that was needed.

It was damn good. It took us less than 10 minutes to get our billing done. Hope they continue this for ever as this is not only convenient to their customers but also ensures they all return back.

I have one more complaint, their billing is never accurate. Every time, we have to check the bill closely to find out something or the other overcharged and get it refund from their customer help desk. It would be really good if they can ensure the correct products price in their system too.