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Should we or should we not donate to temples

Posted on Sep 14, 2013 in General | 0 comments

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A straight forward question but the equally tricky answer.

Should we really make donations to religious institutions like temples, churches, mosques etc or is it just a waste of money because fact remains that GOD doesn’t need our money. Then why these institutions ask for money? Who is the actual beneficiary of trillions of rupees they receive every now & then?

Saw this pic and it inspired me to just open up the discussion within myself.


The onus of deciding whether to give donation or not lies on every individual who is donating. Before donating, just ensure to do some background check about the authorities, trusts that are running the institutions.

  • Are they spending money for social benefits like building schools, hospitals, free education, free healthcare services etc?
  • Who is the main beneficiary, masses or individuals who are running the temple?
  • Ample services provided in the temple for devotees?
  • I know it is difficult but again the onus is on you to decide based upon the best available facts from the website, mouth-talk etc.

The reason why I am saying all this is because helping the needy is what makes sense. Unnecessarily giving money to already rich is just a waste.

Rest is what your brain permits.

PS: Not sure whether churches or mosques also seek donations but various temples across the world do ask for it openly.