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Can Tradus make it really big ??

Posted on Jun 7, 2013 in General | 0 comments

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Can Tradus make it really big is what I am thinking?? Tradus is an e-commerce site (part of IBIBO group) offering variety of day-to-day products from their hundreds of local sellers operating mainly from Delhi.

There are number of other giants e-commerce sites that offer similar products and work on the same model. Providing sellers, buyers a platform and earning commission on every purchase. eBay is one such big monster of that sort.

I have personally always purchased from eBay with money back guarantee and sellers rating system which is amazing and prevent sellers doing unfruitful things.

Recently, I did couple of purchases from Tradus but both fell straight. Although the products were simple and of less cost but I expected them to be delivered in working conditions and exactly same as displayed on the site while purchasing.

First one was defective and not working at all. The second one, as in the image below, was far different from the displayed product. Seller tried to be smart sending a duplicate local product. One of my friend also found his product duplicate. A duplicate Samsung mobile battery was sent and the seller confidently asked him to get it replaced from a Samsung service center. Service center guys were quick  enough to identify it as a duplicate battery.

As far as Tradus is concerned, their support looks good, immediately responding and refunding back the amount every time but would refunding every purchase make them compete with giants like eBay. Not really !!! They can only sustain the heat to an extent.

They really need to identify good sellers and give real value to the feedback and ratings by buyers. Currently, I don’t think even rating system works properly, we can give ratings as many times as we want. Tradus themselves said that they are in the process of having the right bunch of disciplined sellers. But how long would that process take?? Buyers don’t wait for long and might move to other options on the web.

Wake up Tradus.



Update 20th June 2013

My another purchase with them fell straight too. It was defective. Reverse-pickup was arranged and money refunded within a week. Question remains the same how would they sustain ??

My 3 orders and all have been refunded due to defective and duplicate products being sent.