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Jago Grahak Jago : Can we really do anything ??

Posted on Feb 14, 2013 in General | 0 comments

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Jago Grahak Jago” is believed to be the most popular campaign by the Government of India. It might not have waken up many consumers but it indeed has made product makers more intelligent.

Here’s one example:

Following are the packaging screenshots of a product, Bambino Macroni.

Bambino Macroni front packaging

Bambino Macroni front packaging

Bambino Macroni back packaging

Bambino Macroni back packaging


Can you identify the differences?? Let me help you do that!

  1. One was packed in Oct 2012 and another one was packed in Dec 2012.
  2. Front packing of both are exactly same, making it impossible for consumers to identify any difference.
  3. Both have the offer of 12% extra free.
  4. One packed in Oct 12 weighed 250g (220g + 30g extra free)
  5. Another one packed in Dec 12 weighed 202g (180g + 22g extra free)
  6. Weight of the item reduced by 48gms i.e. around 20%.
  7. Price of both products remained the same.
  8. Bambino has effectively started making a profit of one packet of every 4 packets they are selling in just couple of months i.e. 20% rise.
  9. Assuming rise of production cost by 5%, they are still making a profit of 15% at no extra cost and without getting any eyebrows raised.
  10. That’s the marketing strategy, isn’t it??

Hope you understand how these big fishes raise their profits without letting anyone know. Many consumers like me generally don’t look at the weight of the product but only the price which they don’t change most of the time.

I was just lucky to notice this and thought of sharing it with you all. Many of you might be already aware of this.

So, can we do anything about it ??