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2012Apr14 – PWI vs CSK @ Subrata Sahara Stadium

Posted on Apr 14, 2012 in General | 0 comments

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It really felt good to watch a cricket match live from in the stadium first time in my life. It was an IPL match between Pune Warriors India and Chennai Super Kings at Subrata Sahara Stadium, Pune.

Amazing experience it was. Felt really good as I was accompanied by my daughter Aanya Jain and wife and family friends. It is not possible to  see every cricketer from the naked eye as they are very far but could recognize them from their gestures, bowling and batting styles.

Bravo came very close to us in the field and we saw him very clearly.

We left the stadium 5 overs earlier to avoid heavy crowd on the roads but Pune Warriors won in the end whom we were cheering for.

Will hope to go again in the next IPL.