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Domino’s Actual Stuffed Garlic Bread

Posted on Jul 6, 2012 in General | 0 comments

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Domino’s recently launched a new variant to their Garlic Bread collection, Stuffed Garlic Bread with a creamy layer of mozzarella cheese mixed with golden corn and tangy jalapenos, stuffed inside the bread.

Here’s how it looks on TV ads and on their menu pamplets:

The above picture could provoke anyone to try it at least once so it did to me and I tried it. It costed Rs 79 + taxes.

When I first saw it, just from the top, I started comparing it with the picture thinking if it was really the same one that I paid for. It did not, even then I opened it and here’s how it looked.

I could not find the cheese layer, corns and jalapenos were missing from the last slice on either side. And rest of the slices only had countable corns and jalapenos and that too only at the deep inside. Frankly, could not eat this dry garlic bread slices.

Rs 79 + taxes for this was a waste. Hope Domino’s improve on their delivering actuals.

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