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“Marathi Manus” doesn’t inspire

Posted on May 13, 2012 in General | 0 comments

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I never knew I would have to write this but yesterday’s event is inspiring me write a few lines on “Marathi Manus“.

It was my daughter’s first birthday yesterday. I was extremely excited. I had ordered a 2kg cake at Super Bakery, Viman Nagar, Pune. While me and my brother-in-law, on a bike, crossed the road, a black sedan, coming at a very high speed almost hit us. Instead of the apology, the guy (looked drunk) speaking tuti-futi English started to argue. “It is my car, my road and I can drive whatever way I want to”, were his words.

When he started abusing (he was continuing speaking in tuti-futi English), I got hold of his collar and pushed him a little. He continued abusing, f**k off etc.

When he did not stop, I called up 100. A computerized female voice in marathi and phone disconnected. I tried again but engaged.

He also called up his couple of local marathi friends who came within minutes and started to fight with us.

Within minutes, people around started gathering, especially local auto-walas who blamed us for all that and said it was me who collared him first. I told them politely, if he would have abused you, you would not have hugged him for that. They just knew people on the street are fighting and I started it as I collared him first. They did not follow that guy who was continually abusing in English.

The worst part just began. Since he called up his local Marathi friends, who came and started speaking in loud Marathi to us which frankly we couldn’t understand except the phrase “Marathi Manus“. People around thought it was a fight between Marathi’s and Peshwa’s from North India. They all started backing them without knowing the fact that, he (the drunk guy) will hit and run on the street next time he drives as his moral has already been boasted.

Seeing it getting bigger, I tried to pacify everyone, including my bro-in-law who had become extremely furious too.  I did not want to spoil my daughter’s birthday. I almost broke my finger in the altercation.

Although they all went, but it definitely left reasons to worry for me.

  • Can’t people think who is right and who is wrong?
  • Is it only Marathi & Non-marathi in a city like Pune?
  • Why did we boast confidence of the drunk guy? He will surely hit somebody on the street someday with his speedy driving skills. God forbids, they could be relatives of people backing him for his wrong-doing.
  • Does staying united mean always back your people even when they are damn-wrong?
  • Are Thakres responsible for these local dadagiris??

I had seen these things in news many a times but having experienced it personally is making me more nervous. Marathi Manus is definitely not inspiring.

Thinking what we do locally here with outsiders (don’t know if we really are outsiders),  I presume what some Australians do to Indian students, workers in Australia are absolutely right too.

Instead of making a better place for true-life, we are moving towards making a better place for no one except few backed by political high commands.

(Very specific post, else I found some of the best friends in Pune and those all are Marathi)