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2012Dec11 – Tushar’s Actual Bachelor Party

Posted on Dec 11, 2012 in iWorks Navigator | 0 comments

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Tushar already gave us his formal bachelor party with Aditya’s farewll but something was missing so we planned it again just before he was to leave for the marriage to his hometown (Nashik).

Firstly, only planned to visit our normal tapri in Kharadi (opposite Zensar) but then we also visited TJ’s Brew Works and Tushar was amazed to see that place and knowing that he is drinking the fresh brewed beer. Bill was on Tushar, obviously.

Had a good time there. Came back to office, had our lunch, attended the status call and then thought of watching Life of Pie at PVR Pune @ Phoenix Market city but only ended up watching Talaash (2+ hours wasted). We also entered BluO, just to hang around. Had Subs from Subway in dinner. All that, our return gift to him 🙂

Thanks Tushar and have a great marriage life. Hope you would follow all the tips 🙂

Here are the pics. Don’t forget to watch the hanging Tushar’s video right below the pics to know what Tushar is up to 🙂