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2012Oct31 – Aditya’s Farewell + Tushar’s Bachelor Dinner Treat

Posted on Oct 31, 2012 in iWorks Navigator | 0 comments

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A gentleman is leaving the company and the team is partying for him. Another gentleman is getting married and team is enjoying for him. Yes, Aditya is leaving SunGard and Tushar is getting married very soon.

They both decided to be our host for a wonderful evening before I leave for Delhi next week.

We first thought of going to Shatranj at Koregaon Park, Pune but Aditya booked Kebab Studio for a better treat. We sat there for a while while waiting for Nabin and QA to join (they are always the last one to come) but did not like the place nor the seating area that we were provided. Moreover, they did not have brands that we wanted. So, we moved out of it and after Swapnil did couple of calls to find a good place, we all went to Arc Asia inside ABC Farms, a kilometer from Kebab Studio.

We reached there and enjoyed the evening to max. Although, there was a little tiff in the beginning between two giants of the team on starters & main-course but it was settled pretty sooner. After that was the most amazing time we all had with jokes on almost everyone.

Nabin was also given a Kudos for a secret DON’T in his early carrier.

In Aditya, we would definitely miss a true companion who always believes in keeping the mood of the team lighter by making everyone laugh, if that takes jokes on himself, no worries, he is ON for that too. Hats off to him, there are very few who can swallow that.

Tushar, all the very best luck for a new beginning but we would need a after marriage party too.