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2012Jul13 – Family Dinner @ Swapnil’s Home

Posted on Jul 14, 2012 in iWorks Navigator | 0 comments

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Nice family time at Swapnil’s place yesterday.

Swapnil invited us for a dinner at his place with family. Pankaj could not come. Nilesh, myself went over with our families and Vishant was daring enough to join in as a bachelor in a family dinner.

We had couple of drinks before Swapnil offered a special 2-in-1 South-African drink which was awesome and tasted like a ice-cream shake. You would see in pictures what I am talking about, Whiskey + Amarula.

Kids had fun. Aanya and Aarushi really enjoyed the time out there. Swapnil’s little one had a smiling face. She kept smiling all the time.

Nice dinner and family time.

Thanks Swapnil for the dinner.