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2012Apr21-22 – iWorks Outing to Lonavala

Posted on Apr 24, 2012 in General | 0 comments

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A good get together after a long time. Current and ex iWorks guys met at Lonavala to enjoy the bash of togetherness.

Nilesh, Rahul, Mahesh, Vrushal and myself joined from Pune while Sagar joined from Mumbai, basically Bangalore. He specially flew to Mumbai to meet us.

We first went to an MTDC resort but couldn’t find it a good place for us. We then approached Lonavala for a row house villa, where Vrushal had stayed earlier too. We finally rented it after a lot of “matha pachchi” with its owner “Shah”.

Hired a cook too to make dinner for us. Specifically non-veg. I got my veg parceled from a hotel which I never ate 🙂

We sat, had good amount of BP, watched Delhi-Pune IPL match and then slept after midnight. In the morning, had breakfast and everyone moved for their houses. Party was over, short and memorable.

Met Sagar for the first time and had a good time. Heard of him a lot from all other guys and Rohit too.