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2010Oct01 – 1 Year in SunGard

Posted on Oct 1, 2010 in General | 0 comments

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Yes, 1 year has gone by so early and so quickly. 1st October 2009 looks just around the corner when I joined SunGard and 1st Oct 2010 came within a blink of eye. Unbelievable. But the best part is that last 1 year has been one of  the best years of my life.

I still remember the day when I resigned in Xchanging. 30th Sep 2009 was my last day there and on the very next day I joined SunGard i.e. on 1st Oct 2009.

I was carrying all my luggage with me on my last day in Xchanging and directly came to Pune from there. SunGard has some very decent guesthouses where I stayed for first 10 days.

I cannot forget the time spent with my first room mates of life (away from my family) Ananth Naag and Milan Kumar. Whatever time I could spent with them, I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had so much fun. We searched for rented apartment together and then finalized one in Comfort Zone, Balewadi. It is a superb society.

After staying in Pune for a month and enjoying my time with my colleagues in office (they all were so helpful) and friends at home I went to US for 3 months for product training. 4th Nov 2009 was the day.

Thoroughly enjoyed my time there in Denver first and then in Miami. Everyone in the team was so helpful that I really felt at my home country.

Although I was alone in Denver, missing my family, Tom took good care of me and I am really thankful to him and owe him this. I really enjoyed several lunches with him and couple of trips to mountains where I did skiing for the first time. I was also fortunate to get some quality development work on the project and ready help from peers, whenever needed. I would also like to thank couple more people who made my stay memorable – Linda, Vicky and Lucy the dog.

After spending almost 2.5 months there in Denver, I went to Miami to spend a fortnight with the Miami team and believe me it was damn fun. They all are so good. I was really missing the company of same culture people there in Denver. And in Miami, I found Virang Maniar and Mahesh Joshi with whom whatever moment I spent became memorable.

We rented a car and drove down to South Beach and Key West. I drove in US for the first time. Daring act I must say 🙂

Came back from US on 5th Feb 2010 and after spending couple of weeks in Delhi for my brother’s wedding moved back to Pune on 21st Feb 2010. Again stayed with Ananth and Milan. I don’t want to leave this opportunity to thank them for the kindness.

Within couple of weeks I found out an apartment for myself and in a week’s time got my wife to Pune. Settling down took us a month but after that life became usual every day, but I always felt freshen up going to the office. People in the office are so humble and kind. Moreover,  I have been regularly getting good work to keep me busy. I really like the way extra-curricular activities are conducted in SunGard. They not only boost up the moral of the employees but also keep smile on their faces all the time. I love the work-life balance culture in the company. We had so many lunches, dinners, parties,outings etc. Lucky to be working with the team I am in. Can’t  forget the week when we had James in Pune. We had gone out almost every day. Chokhi Dhani trip was really good.

Till then half a year has gone by and it looks like as if it was yesterday. Apologies if I have hurt anybody at any point of time.

Really, experience success in SunGard.