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2006 – Xplode Events

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Gen-X Baby’s Day Out

An event for the kidos of the XChangineers. Do kidos follow rules… Nahi naaa … so no rules for them.


Event Coordinator Mansi Chabra

Rules and Regulations:

  • Add should be real and not the copy of the advertisement already telecasted.
  • It should not be rude & offensive.
  • No abusive language-PLEASE
  • Time Limit-Total 5 min
  • 3 min. to think
  • 2 min. perform
  • Results will be declared at the end of the event for the day
  • Maximum 5 members from each team.


  • The time will start as soon as the team gets the prop.
  • The Best Add will be judged on the basis of the following points:
  • Expressions
  • Humorous
  • Within the time limit
  • Impressive from the customers point of view.

Prizes :

  • Being a Group event, only First prize will be awarded.

X-Change Musical Chair

Another event for the families of Xchangineers. Rules to be decided on the spot.


Event Coordinator: Abhinav Kulshrestha

No of Members : Mininmum 4

Maxiamum 7

(Please provide the Names of individuals performing in the show.)

Each Group can select a particular THEME on which they want to perform.

Each Group have to Select two songs related to the themes.

(They can perform on either of the songs).

The rating for the performance will be given on the basis of following points:

  • Creation according to theme.
  • Acts & Expressions
  • Costumes
  • Syncronization among the team members
  • Choreography

Ceativity is the KEY to success.

  • Please provide all the details upto 01-09-2006.

Get your feets moving……………………………….

X-Cuse The Quiz

Event Coordinator-Anshuman Pandit


1. Each group to have 1 team comprising of 3 team members.

2. There will be Four rounds

3. The first round (1 question each per team) would consist of questions on Xchanging.

4. The second round will be a buzzer round on Sports. There will be 8 questions asked and will cover 4 sports- cricket, football, tennis and Formula 1.

5. The third round will be again a buzzer round on Bollywood with 5 questions.

6. The final round will be the X-cuse round. The teams will be asked to give excuses to a situation and the team with the best excuse will get win. Judges will decide on this.


1. 10 Points on giving the correct answer

X-Flex Tug of war (Male/Female)

Another event for the families of XChangineers. No rules, just pull yourself to win.

Xing Sing The Singing

Event Coordinator Krishan Pal (KPS)

Rules and regulations


Male Solo One male from each team

Female Solo One female from each team

Group 5 or More than 5 people for group nomination and less than 5 candidates won’t be regarded as Group teams.

Group Leaders: Please nominate your participant by 20th September from all groups. Recreation area will be available for singing practice and for any other help and queries please feel free to ask any of co-coordinators or Fun committee members.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Any one can participate; it is up to group leaders to choose right nomination form within the team.
  2. Please give list of finally selected song for music support on D-day.
  3. There will be 3 people in the judging panel for Final day.
  4. Songs should not be having any indecent wordings


X-PoseThe Fashion Show

Event Coordinator: Akansha Pandey

Duration: 30 minutes

Total Participants: 32 participants

8 participants from each group in adequate ratio of Male and Female.

Groups will be judged on the following parameters:

  • Creativity / Innovative concept for the theme
  • Choreography
  • Co-ordination during performance
  • Models (Walk / Confidence / Style)
  • Best Fusion Theme / Best combination of costumes, props etc.


  • All the groups shall choose their participants who will be performing in the final day.
  • Any absenteeism is to be taken care by the group leaders.
  • There will be one winning group (Best Group) for the show.
  • Groups shall be deciding their own theme, wardrobe, make up, props, music & choreography.
  • Groups shall adhere to the time limits so that all the groups get equal opportunity to perform. Each group will get 5 minutes to perform on the stage.
  • Order of performance shall be decided by the respective groups.
  • Any requirement for the show, shall be intimated to the co-coordinator not later than 15th September 2006.
  • Final rehearsal for the show will be on 5th October 2006 in office premises.


Event Coordinator Priyanka Teri


1. Each group to have 1 team comprising of 3 team members.

2. There will be three rounds

3. The first and second round to be for 5 mins each with movies given by opposing team

4. The third round will have movies provided the judges, 3 movies which will have to enacted within a time span of 5 mins.


1. 5 Points on giving the correct movie

2. 3 Bonus points for giving the right movie within 2 mins.

3. If after 5 mins the team is unable to give the correct name of the movie, the other team gets 3 points.

4. Rule 2 not to apply in speed round ie third round.


Event Coordinator Urvashi Khandelwal


1. All performers must be official members of the organization. 2. Only Hard Rock/Metal Rock is permitted. 3. A minimum of 4 performers and a maximum of 8 performers per team are allowed. Stagehand would be provided by the event management team 4. Four teams, one from each group is allowed to participate in Finale. 5. Each team must have a minimum of two song choices and a maximum of six in their performance. In the event of content conflict, priority will be determined by the order in which groups turned up. Any subsequent groups with a song conflict will be notified and will need to change the song in question. 6. No fire crackers or anything that may damage the stage will be allowed on stage or even backstage. 7. Performance time is limited to five minutes per team, plus two minute each for setup and takedown of any props or equipment your team uses. Any team exceeding this time limit, points will be deducted. 8. Actual Musical Instruments are not allowed. 9 All props, costumes, and equipment must be removed from the stage area within the five-minute time allotment. None of the props would be provided by the committee/company. 10. Each group must supply a clearly labeled CD to the event co-coordinator atleast 3 days before the grand finale. 11 Judging will be based on the following criteria: theme, costume, audience appeal, lip-sync abilities, co-ordination with music, ability to entertain the audience, movements/actions on stage, zeal shown during the act and the props used. Judges’ decisions would be final in all the cases and will remain confidential. 12. Acts should not contain any objectionable behaviour.

X-Sketch The Painting n Poster Making Contest

Rules for the event are as follows:-

  • All groups are requested to send maximum Participants
  • Contest will be conducted between 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm.
  • Each participant will get 30 mns to make posters.
  • Best Three posters will get PRIZE.
  • The selected posters will be put on display in the office along with the winning posters

Participants can make posters on following Themes:-

  1. X-PLODE.
  2. GROUP Name.
  3. Gen-X : The baby’s day out
  4. X-Pose : The Fashion Show
  5. Xing Sing : Singing Competition
  6. X-Cite : The Group Dance
  7. X-Act :The Ad mad
  8. X-Press : Dumb Charades
  9. X-Tempore : JAM (English & Hindi)
  10. X-Rock : The Mock Rock
  11. X-Change : The musical chair
  12. X-Flex : Tug of War (Male & Female)
  13. X-Cuse : The Quiz completion
  14. X-Cerpt : Antakshri

This is a great opportunity to show your artistic self and grab prizes. All the painting materials will be provided by the Cultural Club.

X-Tempore JAM (Hindi/English)

Event Coordinator Nitin Kailaje

Rules for the Game

English / Hindi Round

5 teams – 2 participants – 2 Rounds – Only 1 person can speak in one round.

Each speaker will be assigned a topic to speak on for a minute. Participants score points for making a correct challenge against whoever is speaking, while the speaker gets a point if the challenge is deemed incorrect. A player who makes a correct challenge takes over the subject for the rest of the minute, or until he or she is in turn subject to a successful challenge. Participant also score a point for being the person speaking when the 60 seconds expire,

The speaker will be awarded the same number of points as the number of seconds he speaks. . The others will be listening in on the topic and can stop the speaker in case of the following:-

  • Repetition of words ( not commonly used words , this is at the judge s discretion) – 2 Points
  • Hesitation – 1 Point Awarded
  • Stammering – 1 Point awarded
  • Deviation from the topic – 2 Points. A participant should start talking about the topic within the first 3 sentences.
  • Bonus 2 points if speaking unchallenged for 15 seconds.

Event Coordinator Raj Koul

Rules & Regulations:

A substantial portion of the song will have to be sung in all the rounds to attain points

Rounds Teams Description Scoring Scheme
Preliminary All the participants who opt for this event will be given chits with random numbers Groups will be selected with similar No. on chits NOTE: 3 Members per group total 3 groups Per schedule (depending upon the no of participants) Groups will be divided event wise.
Sa re ga ma 4 teams w/ groups of three This round will consist of three cycles. To start the round, the hosts will sing a song. After which, the first team will sing a song starting from any word in the song sung by the hosts (except the first word). NOTE: Full alphabets will be considered and not the matras. A team will receive 10 points for a correct song. No negative marking in this round
Parchi round 4 teams w/ groups of three This round will consist of two cycles. The first team will pick a “parchi” (chit). Each chit will have 3 words of the starting line of a song. They have to guess the song. If team 1 fails then the question passes to team 2 and so on. A right answer gives 10 points. A team will get an additional 5 points if they are able to answer the question that the previous team fails to answer
Bollywood Round 4 teams w/ groups of three Teams will be given three options to choose from then a question will be asked from the selected option ; Option 1: Jodhi: song based on Bollywood jodi (Actor/ Actress,Bhai/Bhai, Behan Bhai, Behan Behan) Option 2: Film: Title/Theme song of the film Option 3: Music Director : song composed by a particular music director A team will be assigned the points associated with the question (10, 20, 30). As per difficulty level
Dhun round 3 teams w/ groups of three The teams will have to recognize the music of the song played and sing the song A right answer gives 20 points. A wrong answer deducts 10 points

Requirements for the above event:

  1. List of participants interested in the event.
  2. Seating arrangements for the teams with I microphone for each team.
  3. Two compares 1male 1 female (preferable having some singing talent at least one of them). Two microphones for the compares.
  4. One scorer.
  5. And of course JUDGES.On the final day: If we are planning to put a projector/big screen in the backdrop of the stage please let me know then we can include one visual round too and we also can run a sort of intro to start the event.