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2013Dec31 – iWorks Lunch @ Royal Orchid

Posted on Dec 31, 2013 in iWorks | 0 comments

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Most of the team members were already off-city for the new year eve. Rest planned to enjoy a lunch buffet at Royal Orchid, Pune for the left out Byte budget.

I guess around 40+ reached to have an ordinary kind of a lunch. Pretty worst then what we get at Barbeque Nation but nevertheless anything is good at a decent hotel from company’s pocket. No soft drinks, mocktails, cocktails etc though.

Simle flow chart : Reach-Sit-1Starter-Lunch-Dessert-Water-GoBack. No fun, nothing.

Sorry to the organizers if you ever reach here and get to read this but this is my personal opinion and people might have liked the lunch too.