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2012Aug25-26 – Weekend Working Lunches & Fun

Posted on Aug 26, 2012 in iWorks Navigator | 0 comments

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Working on weekends was never such a fun. These extravagant weekends in office asked for our time away from family but gave a good time with the office family.

Saturday, we had lunch from Indiana Grill, worked very hard too. In the evening couple of Rolls from …………………………….

Sunday, not much work so planned to go out. Went to our favorite place Barbeque Nation, Kalyani Nagar. We all ate a lot. Pankaj was late to lunch as usual.

Awesome desserts make Barbeque Nation thoda hatke.

Baskin Robbins ice-cream in the evening just made the day. Pankaj was first to give the status so he missed the ice-cream  quite a bit 🙂

Nice working time.