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2011Nov18 – Rajesh’s Son Lunch @ Indijoe

Posted on Nov 18, 2011 in iWorks Navigator | 0 comments

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First of all, congratulations Rajesh for the baby boy and congrats Rahul for the new Bullet.

What a lunch we had. Most of us went to Indijoe for the first time and had an awesome experience. Buffet was not only great but good enough to make us say “This is it”. Definitely at par with Barbeque Nation or must say even better.

Our favorite place is no longer Barbeque Nation. They increased their price, almost double. Not fair. Thanks Rajesh and Rahul, although Rahul could not join us due to an emergency in his house.

Update: Came to know afterwards that it was Rajesh’s treat only and Rahul would treat us sometime later.