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Lunch with the CEO

Posted on May 27, 2009 in General | 0 comments

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Can you believe you are having a lunch with the CEO of the company and that too not in some party or something where 500 odd employees are present but on a table with only 15 to 20 employees present and talking with the honorable CEO of the organization?

I personally never thought of it before I was invited to have lunch with the Country Head of Xchanging India, Mr. Nipun Bhatia today.

Following is the extract of the email:

You are cordially invited to our “Meet the CEO” Program for lunch with Nipun Bhatia.
This has been called for general catch up, hence there is no specific agenda for this.
Would request you to adjust your calendar accordingly. Your prompt acceptance would be highly appreciated.

My first reaction to the email was that it should have been sent to me by mistake. As there is another top notch Nitin Jain in our company who is expected to have regular management discussion on the lunch table.

Then after a while I realized, it was actually me who was an intended recepient of that email as other recepients were also not senior managers and content of the email was also pointing it to me.

Actually, its a “Meet the CEO” program running in our organization for a while now wherein CEO is engaging himself to catch up with the actual work force of the company to know how they feel about being working in Xchanging.

Its an amazing amazing thing I have ever heard.

I am looking forward for a great lunch.