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2005Dec17 – About Rhapsody

Posted on Dec 16, 2005 in Rhapsody 2005 | 0 comments

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Each one of us contributed in one form or another to make Xchanging India’s First Annual Day (RHAPSODY 2005) a huge success!

Six events were planned for RHAPSODY 2005 (December 17th, 2005).

  • PAKAAO – 2005 Lets’ Sing – Sing Along!
  • THAKAAO – 2005 Let’s Dance!
  • LATKAAO – 2005 It’s a Treasure Hunt!
  • CHAMKAAO – 2005 Outshine others !- You have it in you! Be a stand up comic!
  • PHASAAO – 2005 The One Minute Manager – The Funniest and the quickest games!
  • BAJAAO – 2005 Let’s Mock Rock!

All the above events had a “point system”. Team that scored the maximum points (on Dec. 17) won!

Each event had one individual category (male and female), an on-stage couple, and a Team from each Group in each of the events.

XTSI – GGN was divided in to four groups.

  • Each Group had a Group Leader.
  • Group Leader had appointed Event Coordinators from his/her group for each event.
  • Event Coordinator had to interact with the Individual Team members to make teams for a particular event.
  • Each Event Coordinator had to update the Group Leader on the progress of the preparation for the event he/she was responsible for.
  • Fabulous prizes for the winner


  • We could use the basement area for our Group Meetings.
  • We had to maintain the office decorum during your Group meeting.

Facilitation Committee:

  • A pool of twelve “brave” colleagues had agreed to “facilitate” the groups!
  • The Facilitators were chosen from (almost) each cubicle.
  • This committee also ensured the pick up and drop of our family, venue, food and drinks, front and back stage management, Prizes, time management etc.