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2010Jul03 – Wax Museum Lonavala

Posted on Jul 3, 2010 in Travel | 4 comments

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Yes, we have a wax museum in India too in Lonavala, 60 kms from Pune on old Mumbai-Pune highway.

We went on a regular trip to Lonavala, Khandala when we saw banners about the first Indian wax museum. Out of curiosity we reached there, tickets were not expensive too, we entered and came out within 10 minutes.

Not many statues to see but some of them are really sweet. I had seen Madam Tussads wax museum of London, so was comparing this one with it but if you haven’t been to any wax museums outside India then you are definitely going to like it.

Majority of statues belong to personalities from South India so I couldn’t identify them and names were also not written beside some of the statues.

Over all a good creativity by Indians.


  • Sonal

    hi . i have been there too just recently and it wud be unfair to say if you havent been to outside india this ones good. i think it is very much equal to what we see at the over hyped madam tussauds which we have seen too . its just bigger in terms of investment advertisement and attitude..
    this guy has his major ones in kanyakumari and kerala and i think he deserves due credit .. bravo from me indeed

  • NitiN Kumar Jain

    I agree with you Sonal .. This is definitely at par with any wax museum anywhere in the world … I haven’t seen his Kanyakumari and keral ones but would definitely like to see those too …

    He definitely deserves an applause for all his good work …

  • Satyashil

    i want to visit the museum please send us your couplet postal  address my mobile no. 9869379392

  • NitiN Kumar Jain

    Here’s the address.
    Lonavala, Pune Dist
    +91 211 4277666, +91 211 4323866

    You may also want to visit the website: